2011. december 17., szombat

BFTA Technical Skills and Scope Manual updated

Written by
András Fekete-Móró
Architect, born in 1971, now living and shooting in the UK
FT Hungarian Champion 2008-2009, World's 6th in 2010 / 9th in 2012

I'm happy to announce my work to the shooter colleagues:

I've just finished with the updated version with additions of the
BFTA Technical Skills Manual - UPDATED
Update and additions: Fekete-Móró András, 2011-12
Consultants: dr. Gombos László and Pető László
Animations made from the photos of Simon Evans.
Original release by the BFTA and NSRA.

Also my earlier work has been updated with a few new figures in scope rotating and canted shots:
BFTA Telescopight Sight Manual - UPDATED
Update and additions: Fekete-Móró András, 2009-11
Consultants: Szokol Antal and Tóth Attila László
Original release written by: Wayne K. Hudson

Make good use of it, any comments are welcome.

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