2012. április 7., szombat


Nem nyúl, nem tojás, nem csoki. Költészet. Először viszont zene:

(la resurrection)

flower and heart are equal. as one unfolds
the other is closing. the fist of charm.
the dance of fathoms. of voids. of veils.
layer after layer. wall after wall. there
is always more. there is always more after.

the scalloped edges of further valour.
the vigil of soldiers. foot and circular.
the waving tremors of empty warriors.
a thorn in the wound of love. of torture.
another immeasurable pain to suffer.

first dealing w/entry into the spirit.
the wall is pierced and the will assaulted
is vaulted. is shimmied into. is fenced.
fencing defending the sheets of the flesh
winding and binding and then to relax.

seconds of suspension in the pass of pain
wailing, exhaling. passed thru the strange.
this is the formula. the force of the father.
the hand that extends. the heart that is bleeding
hard then harder then silent and beating.

in a space warm and glowing. infinite yet dense.
the tune of chain caught then stretched.
the is the communication of the future.
death is a dance. a ballroom. a glove
an extension of total abandon in/love.

-patti smith

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